• Correct the pinion and/or caster angles in your leaf sprung Jeep® or truck using our heavy-duty Leaf Spring Shims.
  • These shims are designed to be permanently attached to the leaf spring pack using the leaf?s center-pin.
  • The cross holes are counter-bored against the angled surface to ensure the center-pin gets even clamping force across the spread of the pin?s top surface.
  • Steel construction helps to keep the shims from breaking under heavy load conditions. 
  • Together these features create a superior shim that will resist spinning out of place, falling out, or breaking.
  • American-Made from High Quality Steel
  • Counter-bored Cross Hole
  • Accepts 5/16? cross-pin (Not Included)
  • Easily drilled to fit larger pins
  • Available in 2°, 4°, 6° & 8° angles
  • Available in 2, 2.25?, 2.5? and 3? widths


NOTE: Some applications may require longer cross-pins (Not Included)

Brand: Warrior




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