• Fits 1976 to 1986 CJ
  • With 2.5" YJ springs
  • Manufactured from high quality steel
  • Heat treated for increased strength
  • Jig welded for ease of installation
  • Requires welding 

Have you ever experienced an unstable, wandering sensation prevalent in CJ-series Jeeps and YJ Wranglers? Our SR-180 Shackle Reverse System is designed to eliminate poor handling characteristics, and help create a safer vehicle for all driving conditions. Simply moving the front leaf spring shackle to the rear of the same spring creates an amazing improvement in drive ability. The SR-180 System comes complete with urethane bushings for your front leaf springs and frame brackets. Bushings further enhance the handling and ride quality of your Jeep. All brackets are manufactured from HRPO steel, for increased strength, and jig-welded for ease of installation. Note: On several applications, some welding is required.

Brand: Warrior Jeep Products

  • 1976-1986 Jeep CJ​



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