Warrior 1987-1996 Land Rover Range Rover Classic Platform Roof Rack System 10936 | Auto Parts Toys


  • 100% US MADE
  • Easy installation and does not require drilling or vehicle modifications
  • Rain Gutter Mounts attach seamlessly to rain gutters and are easily removable for long or short term installations
  • Perfect for a Roof Top Tent
  • Includes low profile Air Dam to reduce wind noise on the highway
  • Welded one-piece platform for added strength and durability
  • Constructed with 11-gauge steel 1-1/4" round tube and 1" square crossbars
  • Most universal style mounts are compatible with the 1" cross bars
  • Compatible with Warrior accessories including: Quicklatch Axe/Shovel Mount, MOD box, Off-Road Jack Mount, No-Drill Spare Tire Mount and Awning Brackets
  • The Platform is 89-1/2” long and 51-1/4” wide
  • Only known to fit US Market Vehicles
  • 600lb static load capacity
  • 400lb on road capacity
  • 200lb off road capacity - we do not recommend hardcore rock crawling or any other hardcore off road activities with ANY weight on the roof of your vehicle
  • For California residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Warrior Products provides weight ratings for our roof racks which are intended to be general guidelines for our customers to use when selecting a rack system for their vehicle. These numbers are not intended to be the absolute limit of the product nor should they be the only factor considered when selecting a rack system. Use common sense when selecting a roof rack for your vehicle, when loading cargo onto your rack and while driving with a loaded rack. A loaded roof rack will change vehicle characteristics, aerodynamics, handling, center of gravity, etc.
Maximum recommended load (evenly distributed) while the vehicle is stationary or parked, on level ground.

Maximum recommended load (evenly distributed) while the vehicle is in motion under normal driving conditions. Under any driving conditions, properly distributing and securing the load will have a major impact on the performance of your vehicle and your rack.

Maximum recommended load (evenly distributed) while the vehicle is being used in off-road conditions. The intent of this rating is to provide a guideline for customers who will be taking their vehicle on easy to moderate trails or gravel roads for short periods of time. This rating is not intended to cover extreme or hardcore use such as rock crawling. Take extra care while traveling off-road with a loaded roof rack. Reduce speed, limit the amount of time off-road and be aware of weight shifting suddenly.

The below BajaDesigns LED Light Bars fit this Platform Rack when mounted to the front corner plates, straddling the center gap. Other sizes, styles and brands of lights can fit as well, but the below lights have been confirmed using dimensions from the manufacturer to be compatible with our Platform Racks.

  • S8 LED Light Bar (20” – 40”)
  • OnX6 LED Light Bars (20” – 40”)
  • OnX6 Arced LED Light Bars (30 - 40”)


The below BajaDesigns LED Lights can be mounted in various locations on our Platform Racks, including the front or rear corner plates, mounting buckets, or to the outer 1-1/4” round tube.

  • S1 LED and Laser Auxiliary Lights
  • S2 LED Auxiliary Lights
  • Squadron Series Auxiliary LED Lights
  • XL LED Auxiliary Lights
  • LED Auxiliary Lights
  • LP6 LED Auxiliary Lights
  • LP9 LED Auxiliary Lights

Brand:Warrior Jeep Products
1987-1996 Land Rover Range Rover




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