VDP Car Seat Cathcer Hang Tag Pair Pack 3882 – autopartstoys.com
Fill the gaps with VDPs Car Seat Catchers. Catches those dropped mobile phones, fries, coins, and keys to prevent them from falling between your seat and console. How many times have you dropped something while driving only to find out that it has disappeared somewhere between the car seat and console making it very difficult to find and retrieve? The Car Seat Catcher's patented design plugs that gap between your seat and center console to fill the gap while providing a handy storage slot for bill folds, toll tickets, eyewear, candy and more. Designed to be streamlined, discreet and out of the way. The "V" shaped body creates a natural spring force providing a universal fit that snugly wedges between most car seat/console gaps. The textured satin black TPO rubber material is soft and supple to stay in position without marring. Closed end caps prevent stored items from sliding out during accelerating & stopping. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean with soap and water. Sold in pairs. Made in USA.

Brand: Vertically Driven Products



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