• Features safe, reliable performance that increases gas mileage and fuel economy.
  • Reduces vehicle wear-and-tear.
  • Provides for relaxed travel at preset speeds.
  • Avoid unintentional speeding and driving fatigue.
  • VSS compatible.
  • Will not work on drive-by-wire equipped vehicles; vehicle must have an actual throttle cable.
  • Same functionality as OEM systems featuring: Set, Accel, Coast, Resume, and Disengage.
  • Set function-locks in a predetermined speed with the touch of a button.
  • Accel function. Holding this button creates acceleration and speed is maintained once released.
  • Coast Function allows you to reduce/reset cruise speed.
  • System can be disabled 3 ways-tap brakes/depress clutch, switch engine off.
  • Works with automatic transmission vehicles.
  • Works with manual transmission--clutch disengagement switch required if tach wire fails to disengage cruise.
  • Newer design able to read VSS pulses up to 38,600.
  • Completely electronic servo requires no source of vacuum to operate.
  • More reliable than vacuum unit- no vacuum diaphram to leak or fail.
  • Consistent operation regardless of altitude or engine size.
  • Easier to install since vacuum connection is not required.
  • 250-3742 Left Hand Mount Handle
  • 250-3743 Right Hand Mount Handle
  • 250-1483 Wireless RF Mount Switch - mount on steering wheel or where is convenient
  • 250-3592 Or 250-3593 Universal Dash Mount Controls
  • 250-3421 Left Hand Mount Slim Arm Handle

The Rostra 250-1223 is a custom cruise control kit from Rostra Precision Control that allows you to set your speed with ease, and go along for the ride. Once selected, your custom cruise control kit constantly measures changes in the engine loading and vehicle speed. Easily set the controls and avoid unintended speeding. Slow down or accelerate without ever touching the pedals. ** SEE BOTTOM OF THIS DESCRIPTION FOR HANDLE CHOICES **

Brand: Rostra Accessories




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