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  • Dislpay Type: 4.3" diagonal TFT LCD monitor
  • Power/video harness: 9'
  • Diagonal Monitor: 4.3"
  • Dimming: Auto


  • Two RCA video inputs (Rear/AUX)
  • Auto-Off Quick-Touch camera view
  • Auto-dimming LCD screen
  • Anti-glare glass for night driving
  • Standard lug mount built-in
  • Custom wire harness cover
  • Includes Hyundai/Kia adapter
  • Built to offer excellent functionality and quality
  • Perfect to enhance your comfort and safety
  • Made with the use of the most innovative technologies

Rostra® is a leading manufacturer of automotive aftermarket comfort, safety, and convenience accessories, including electronic cruise control systems, LED lighting, collision avoidance and detection systems, backup camera systems, automotive lumbar supports and seat heaters, add-on navigation systems, driver alert systems, and so much more! Backed by nearly 150 years of experience in precision manufacturing, this company is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified. Rostra has many years of experience and research, and it continues to lead the way with the development of new, innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Custom LCD-Equipped Rear View Mirror (2508240) by Rostra®. Today's drivers are more safety conscious than ever. With the popularity of SUVs, trucks and larger vehicles, blind areas behind and beside the vehicle are an increasing problem. Sophisticated technology now makes it affordable for drivers to have an added dimension of safety. A Automotive Rear View Backup Camera System makes backing up easier and less prone to accidents. Nearly every kind of vehicle can benefit from a Camera System. And with the many systems and options Rostra offers, is sure to be one of the most desirable safety products in the aftermarket.

Brand: Rostra Accessories​




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