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Note: Fitting Kit HD-FK1 required if used with Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty Bar.

The fairings only fit the Rhino AERO & EURO crossbars.  It will fit Heavy Duty crossbar with the HD-FK1 fitting kit


  • 50 inch length
  • Reduces wind noise
  • Universally fitting clamps (See Roof Rack Compatibility for more info)
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Stylish design
  • Fits Over Flush Rail
  • Rhino Rack Wind Fairing 
What's Included:
  • 1 x Black Fairing
  • 4 x Bracket assemblies for Rhino AERO bars
  • 1 x Allen key
  • 1 x Fitting instructions

The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing has been engineered to minimise wind noise whilst driving. Hearing the whistle of wind running through the load you're transporting can take away the fun of driving. The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing deflects air around your load which keeps it quiet. We've also styled this product so that it enhances the sleek design of your vehicle and roof racks. The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing is universally fitting which means that it will easily attach to cross bars from most major roof rack brands.

The Rhino Wind Fairing has been designed with two core concepts in mind - stylish and aerodynamic. Not only does its stylish design enhance the overall look of your roof racks - but it also helps to deflect air around your load while driving. This results in greatly reduced noise and more passenger comfort. 

    Brand: Rhino Rack Roof Racks




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