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  • Use of Auto 4 Hi feature not recommended.
  • Only compatible with Adaptive Ride Control suspension vehicles.​​​


  • ReadyLIFT® now offers an all-new 6” Big Lift Kit for the new 2019-2022 MY Chevy Silverado High Country and GMC Sierra 1500 Denali trucks with Adaptive Ride Control (ARC) engineered for incredible ride quality and superior handling performance while retaining full operation of the factory equipped ARC system.
  • Includes ReadyGuard Powertrain Warranty.

Kit Components:

  • Heavy-duty front-rear cross members and skid plate
  • Heavy-duty top mount strut extensions and rear shock extensions
  • Sway bar drop brackets
  • Heavy-duty fab steel rear lift blocks with bump stop landings.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron lift knuckles engineered to retain factory quality geometry.
  • All necessary hardware and instructions.

Tire Fitment:

  • 44-39610 6" Lift Kit - Recommended max tire with no trimming: 20x9 0 offset - 35x12.50 tire.
  • Max with trimming: 20x10 -18 offset - 35x12.50 or 325/60R20
  • Trimming requirements for larger than recommended wheel/tire include front valance, front felt liner edge, rear felt liner edge and front rear well edge mud flap.

Tire Size Note: ReadyLIFT wheel and tire fitment recommendations are typically based on Wheel Pros wheels and Nitto tires. Due to product differences among tire manufacturers, tire specifications and dimensions including, but limited to, overall diameter, rolling diameter, tread width, aspect ratio, lug pattern, sidewall construction and inflation pressure, will vary meaningfully by tire and wheel manufacturer. Every tire and wheel combination should be test fit prior to installation. Consult your local installer to learn more about the right tire fitment for your application.

Ride Quality Note: When lifting a vehicle and installing aftermarket wheels and tires, a tire manufacturer's construction and material quality can alter vehicle ride quality. When increasing a vehicle wheel and tire size, most larger aftermarket truck and SUV tires are 10-ply (or more) E tires compared to typical OEM 6-ply C tires. This more rigid sidewall construction increases the perception of suspension stiffness often described as ride harshness. The ride, handling, traction, noise, fuel economy, and wear differences between All-Season, All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, or Trail-Terrain type tires can be significant. Please take into account tire and wheel choice will generally have a meaningful impact on the ride & handling experience.


The 44-39610 lift kit utilizes the very best in ReadyLIFT engineering with boxed steel front/rear cross members and full-width front skid plate constructed of thick 3/16" plate steel. New 1/4-inch boxed plate steel differential drop brackets feature a double gusset and boxed center rib to take the abuse of front differential torsional twisting.
Our 6" lift kit features heavy-duty angled and offset top mount strut extensions that realigns the struts to optimize shock performance and minimize wear. A specially designed lower mount strut pre-load spacer offers the added benefit of a slight increase in spring rate to better handle the larger wheels and tires that will find their way onto this new lifted truck. To lift the rear, new 5" tall fabricated steel rear blocks with integrated bump stop landings have been added as well as new rear shock extensions to retain full functional use of the factory ARC rear shocks.
With over 9 months of engineering and development and more awesome features than we could possibly mention, the bottom line is this new Big Lift Kit is the best 6" lift kit you can install on a new body style 2019-2022 GM 1500 4WD truck! Thousands of miles of road and trail testing have proven our new 6" lift kit makes these new GM 1500 trucks ride better than stock!

Brand: ReadyLIFT

  • 2019-2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • 2019-2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali



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