• 69-3920 +2"" SST Lift Kit: 2019-2021 GM AT4 & Trail Boss.
  • 2"" front lift combines with factory 2"" lift.
  • CNC-machined billet aluminum top spacer and pre-load spacer kit.with heavy-duty control arms, 1-ton ball joints and maintenance-free pivot bushings.
  • Includes 3"" tall OE style cast iron rear lift blocks with new u-bolts
  • AT4 - Max tire 305/55-20, 20x9 0 offset wheel
  • Trail Boss - Max tire 295/65-20, 20x9 0 offset wheel

Tire Fitment:

  • AT4 - Max tire 305/55-20, 20x9 0 offset wheel
  • Trail Boss - Max tire 295/65-20, 20x9 0 offset wheel

Kit Component:

  • CNC machined billet aluminum top mount spacer and pre load spacer.
  • Tubular upper control arms with 1-ton ball joints and TCT pivot bushings.
  • 3"" tall OE style cast iron lift blocks with new longer u-bolts

ReadyLIFT customers have asked for it and we have delivered. Last fall we announced our new leveling and SST lift kit offerings for the all-new GM 1500 trucks. We specifically did not include the factory lift kit-equipped GMC AT4 and Chevy Silverado Trail Boss. The AT4/Trail Boss are factory equipped with a 2"" front lift. This front lift includes a longer front shock/strut assembly. When combining a traditional leveling kit on these factory lifted trucks, several issues present themselves including binding problems with the factory control arm ball joint and contact concerns with the lower strut/CV axle assembly. The 69-3920 SST Lift Kit works with the factory 2"" front lift. This kit includes a top mount strut spacer along with a pre-load spacer to limit droop and the same premium grade upper control arms now available in our 66-3921 leveling kit. OE style 3"" tall cast iron rear lift blocks and rear bump stop extension cups are also included to create a true AT4/Trail Boss-specific bolt-on lift kit that provides 2"" of front lift and 1"" of rear lift. This new lift kit concept is similar to our successful TRD Pro Plus 2 SST Lift Kit which is also engineered specifically to work with that factory OE suspension lift. Your trust in ReadyLIFT to provide high-quality, precision engineered products is extremely important to us. You can be assured that this all-new SST lift kits are the absolutely most reliable and best performing suspension upgrade option for the AT4/Trail Boss trucks. AT4 - Max tire 305/55-20, 20x9 0 offset wheelTrail Boss - Max tire 295/65-20, 20x9 0 offset wheel


  • 2019-2021 Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra 1500



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