• Works models from stock height to a 6in lift.
  • Heavy duty replacement for original fixed length panhard rod.
  • Variable length helps to properly align axle housing with chassis.
  • Provides increased traction without need to disconnect.
  • Fine adjustment threads enable ultra precise axle positioning.
  • Constructed with strong DOM tubing and OE bends for correct geometry and clearance.
  • Premium grade bushings ensure lasting comfort and silence.
  • Coated for protection from corrosion and debris.
  • Limted one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Vehicle specific fitment to ensure that the part is right for your vehicle.


The Raptor Series heavy duty adjustable trackbars are an absolute MUST if you have or are planning a 1in to 6in lift on your vehicle. The trackbar controls the lateral movement of the axle housing but the fixed length of the OE trackbar will not accommodate ride height adjustments. The OE trackbars rigid nature makes it vulnerable to extreme forces. This setup will only place unnecessary stress on your vehicle's suspension and steering components, create alignment problems, and improper suspension and swaybar connection operation. The Raptor Series adjustable trackbar is constructed with heavy duty wall tubing completely bent, welded and then powder coated. Raptor Series has added a chrome moly ladder bar adjuster that allows you to adjust the length on the frame side. Both the frame mounted end and the axle mounted end utilize poly bushings. The axle side is double adjustable using a studded poly bushing and chrome moly ladder bar adjuster. All these features will allow you to properly align the axle housing with chassis and prevent undue stress on you and your vehicle.

Brand: Raptor Series

  • 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK



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