The new LL Series fog light from Race Sport Lighting provide up to over 1-mile of light range down the road for extreme off roading safety generated by our long range laser illumination light scope.

Which means that you can see farther down the path in any off-road adventure, or situation where your work truck is moving loads at night down dark never ending roads

With no street lights, therefore getting your precious cargo to the point of destination safer and allowing you 10 times as much stopping distance to obstructions.

The Lasers have the high power Laser light scope in the middle for a very focused straight beam that travels as far as 1.2 miles down the road or path. This is the 1st generation of premium laser auxiliary lights released by Race Sport lighting as we continue to strive to provide functional long range lights that people can use in their adventures and travels in secluded destinations.

The heavy duty construction will give you years of use, and the Laser light source will give you the safety you need and deserve out of an Auxiliary light. Our lasers have been registered With the FDA, and are great for many offroad and on road excursions.

The Laser produces a white Illumination beam that is super focused for long distances down the road.
Because of the extreme power of these long range light sources, it is not recommended to use these on road in congested areas with other cars in every day driving situations.

Brand: Race Sport Lighting




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