Special Tech Note the above chart is a general fitment guideline and applicable to 95 percent of vehicles. It is still recommended to measure the radius from center of the wheel to the top of the breaking system and mutiplie times 2 in order to get your true diameter. Vehicle with oversize breaking systems will differ.


  • ColorSMART Bluetooth Controlled
  • 14 inch LED Wheel Light Kits with 16 Million colors

Choose the right size chart:

  • 14-Inch Wheel kits= Fit inside 16inch-19inch Rims/Wheels
  • 15.5-Inch Wheel kits= Fit inside 20inch-26inch Rims/Wheels
  • 17-Inch Wheel kits= Fit inside 27inch+ Rims/Wheels

ColorSMART Bluetooth Controlled 17 inch LED Wheel Light Kits with 16 Million colors. Bluetooth APP = Magic-LED

Brand: Race Sport Lighthing




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