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SH100 Shock Hoop KitUniversal fitWelding Required.

Shock Hoop "KIT" for CJ's

Are you a welder/fabricator but don't have a tube bender or the time cut out all of the necessary tabs to make your own shock mounts? Then this is the kit for you! It comes with two hoops made from 1.5" x .120" wall steel tubing, tabs for dual shocks, flanges to bolt the hoops to the frame, braces that can be used for triangulating the hoops back to the frame or across the engine as a engine cage. Universal bushing assemblies and all the bolts, nuts, sleeves and hardware needed. You weld the tabs on the hoops where you want them, install the axle housing tabs where you want them, the braces where you want them, mount the hoops where you want them, cut the sheet metal fender where you want to, and the whole thing comes out the way you want it to!!! Shipped bare steel, unpainted.

Brand: Mountain Off-Road




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