WTB9800 SlipLoc Track Bar 1987-1995 YJ

The FRONT Trac Bar is a much needed item for good handling, straight tracking, and controlling bump-steer. That is one reason that the YJ Wrangler handles so much better than the CJ 'cause the CJ never had one!. However, the stock Trac Bar tends to limit the suspension travel and articulation. M.O.R.E. offers two different types of 4x4 trac bars to replace the factory part, and each style offers much better control and articulation than the stock unit.

Most aftermarket lift kit manufacturers supply a flimsy riser bracket to re-locate the factory Jeep trac bar when you buy a suspension lift kit over 3". This bracket tends to loosen and break with the added stress from the lift kit. The answer is to replace the factory Trac Bar with one of ours that eliminates this riser bracket and attaches directly to the axle housing.

Brand: Mountain Off-Road

  • 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ



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