• 1976-1986 Jeep® CJs all
  • Jeep CJ - Front
  • Dimension - 12 x 8 x 60 in
  • Item Weight - 70 lbs

JFBHC100 High Clearance front bumper with Gull Wing design for side protection but also raised ends to allow your tires to bite and grip when approaching a large front obstacle 1976-1986 Jeep CJ's -All models Includes Mounting Hardware. Looking for a bumper for your Jeep that protects the fenders, holds a winch, and looks great? Then you need one of our RockProof off-road bumpers. These are not your average aftermarket Jeep bumpers however. Most manufacturers of aftermarket Jeep bumpers simply make their products from a chunk of box steel tubing, weld up the ends, weld on some mounting tabs and call it good. It takes serious equipment and craftsmanship to make genuine RockProof Bumpers! Our clean-looking RockProof off-road bumpers are cut out of 3/16 inch steel plate with CNC laser cut for precision, and then formed on a CNC break. The seams are MIG welded, ground and DA sanded for a clean look and smooth finish. Two inch plate eyelets are installed for a clevis, or tow bar attachment, and there is plenty of flat area for additional accessories or grill/fender protection. Plus, all of our aftermarket bumpers for Jeep vehicles are shipped bare steel so you can paint it to match your Jeep.

Brand: Mountain Off-Road

  • 1976-1986 Jeep CJ



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