Lund Tradesman36 Underbody Truck Tool Box All Steel Aluminum Door RHINO LINED ITEMS TSTUB36ALRHINO | Auto Parts Toys


  • Provides secure and convenient storage solution
  • Rhino lined to protect the vehicles bed
  • Mounted under the body of the vehicle without disturbing its bed storage 
  • Consists of specially designed channel to keep water out 
  • Includes steel chain supports and locking stainless steel paddle handle 


  • 41.5(L) x 19.25 (W) x 18.25 (H)
  • Wt.104 LBS Cube 8.44

This product provide a secure convenient storage solution. Made with 12gauge steel. Rhino lined extends the life and helps protects againstscratches. Specially designed channel and bulb seal is designed to keepwater out. Coated steel cable allows door to remain open at a 90 degreeangle. Locking stainless steel flush mount with T-handle providessecurity. Lund Tradesman 36 inch steel underbody tool box with aluminium dooris designed to provide a secure and convenient storage solution to thevehicle. It is made from heavy duty steel and is highly durable. Thisunderbody box is mounted under the body of vehicles and does not disturbthe vehicle's existing storage bed. It consists of specially designedchannel that keeps water out. This underbody box includes steel chainsupports that allow the door to remain open at 90 degree angle. It alsoconsists of locking stainless steel paddle handle that provides securityto the valuables stored in the underbody box. This underbody box isrhino lined to protect the life of the vehicle's bed. 


Brand: Lund Tradesman truck tool boxes




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