Lund Tradesman 70 Cross Bed Truck Tool Box Full Size Gull Wing Steel White (16 Gauge Steel) Steel Steel Pro Cross Box TPSTG581 | Auto Parts Toys


  • Provides liquid storage for agricultural and construction use
  • Rectangular shaped tank
  • Highly durable Available in steel finish
  • Rust resistant


  • 70 (L) x 22 (W) x 17 (H)
  • Wt.120 LBS Cube 15.15

This product is a heavy duty material to withstand rust corrosion and the weather. Our steel boxes are built with 16 gauge steel and are engineered for the contractor and farmer's agricultural needs. Fits full size trucks with ample storage space under truck box. With dual lid Lund Tradesman white steel rectangular liquid storage tank is designed to be used for storing liquid for construction and agricultural use. It is made from high quality steel for enhancing the tank's durability. This tank is engineered to fit vehicles of all size and features an attractive steel finish.

Brand: Lund Tradesman truck tool boxes




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