Lund Tradesman 60" Underbody Truck Tool Box Aluminum Aluminum Under Bodies TALUB60 | Auto Parts Toys


  • Provides a convenient storage solution
  • Highly durable Keeps water out
  • Door remains open at 90 degree angle
  • Includes stainless steel flush mount T-handle for enhanced security


  • 65.25 (L) x 19.25 (W) x 18.25(H)
  • Wt.134 LBS Cube 13.27

The Lund Tradesman's underbody boxes provide a secure convenient storage solution. Made with .100 inch thick aluminium. Lund Tradesman 60 inch bright aluminium underbody box is designed to provide a secure and a convenient storage solution under the vehicle. It is constructed from aluminium and is highly durable. This tool box has a specially designed channel and bulb seal to keep water out. It has a steel coated cable that allows the door to remain open at 90 degree angle. This tool box includes stainless steel flush mount T-handle to provide enhanced security.


Brand: Lund Tradesman truck tool boxes




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