Note: Requires 17" or larger diameter wheel with 4.75" backspacing or less


  • Reduced control arm angles
  • Corrects caster for 2"-4.5" of lift
  • Improves the front drive shaft CV joint operating angles through full wheel travel
  • Brackets are made from heavy-duty 7GA steel and are fully boxed and welded for superior strength

In The Box:

  • High Steer Drag Link System
  • Control Arm Correction Brackets
  • Bump Stop Extensions

Upgrade the handling of your Jeep Wrangler JK with a JKS Steering and Caster Correction Upgrade Kit. Proper geometry is important for a safe, enjoyable driving experience. You get a Drag Link Flip System plus our popular JKS6200 control arm relocation bracket system all in one kit. Works with JK lift systems of 2.5-5" of lift. The drag link flip system is comprised of a new drag link, a Track Bar bracket and a tapered steering arm insert. The design flattens out steering angles with lift heights of 2" and above. Experience better steering feel without bump steer. In order to accommodate these the flip kit, 3" tall front aluminum bump stop extensions are included to provide the proper clearance at full bump. The combination of these brackets with the high steering components create an amazing handling package. This upgrade kit can be used with several different lift systems setups. There are a few items that are required for proper fit and function of this kit in combination with other systems: You must use a factory pitman arm; the design cannot be combined with other track bar relocation systems, (although most popular adjustable track bars are ok) and you must maintain a minimum of 3" worth of bump stop extension over factory. Works with either the 2.5 or 3.5" JSpec systems. The 2" JSpec front bump stops will need to be replaced with the 3" provided in the Upgrade Kit.

Brand: JKS



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