This System Includes Jspec Shocks Only
  • Non-Rubicon models comes from factory at lower ride height
  • This system will net 3€� on Rubicon or 3.5€� on Sport/Sahara models
  • Final stance the same for Rubicon and non-Rubicon
  • Does NOT fit Diesel Models
  • Front and rear dual rate coils springs
  • Front adjustable trackbar
  • Front sway bar quicker disconnects
  • Front caster cam locks
  • Front/Rear bump stop extensions
  • Rear extended sway bar links
Tire Specs:
Rubicon Models (all kits):
  • Tire: 37x12.50
  • Wheel: 17x8    
  • Backspacing: 4.5- 5"
  • *May rub during max articulation
  • Tire: 37x12.50
  • Wheel: Stock
  • Backspacing: Stock
Non-Rubicon Models (all kits):
  • Tire: 35x12.50
  • Wheel: 17x8,
  • Backspacing: 4.5-5"
  • *May rub during max articulation
  • Tire: 33x12.50
  • Wheel: 17x8
  • Backspacing: 4.5-5"
  • Other tire/wheel sizes can be used, however may require additional modifications.
In The Box:
  • JSPEC1257(x1): 2020-2022 Jeep JT Rear 1.5in Coil Spring Box Kit
  • JSPEC1303(x1): 2020-2022 JT 3-3.5in Box Kit
  • JSPEC1352(x1): JL 3.5in Front Coil Spring Kit - HD
  • JSPEC9322(x2): JSPEC - 26.2 x 15.67 x 2-3/8 - EB1/EB1
  • JSPEC9327(x2): Rear JSPEC Shock
Increase ground clearance and tire clearance on your Gladiator JT with a 3" J-Venture suspension system. You get the perfect balance of on and off road capability plus low maintenance. J-Venture lift kits include dual rate front and rear coil springs, specifically-valved gas shocks, a front adjustable track bar, rear track bar bracket, front sway bar Quicker Disconnects, bump stop extensions, and front caster lock plates to dial in geometry. The engineers at JKS custom tune shocks and matching springs to significantly improve ride quality and handling on road, as well as performance off-road. An adjustable track bar helps center the front axle while the Quicker Disconnects improve articulation off-road. Get out and explore with J-Venture.

Brand: JKS

  • 2020-2023 Jeep Gladiator 



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