JKS 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Rear Upper Adjustable Shock Mount JKSOGS999 | Auto Parts Toys

Special Notes:

  • Requires modifications to exhaust system.
  • Requires new shock absorbers unless installed in conjunction with Rear Axle Shock Mount [JKS PN: OGS922].


  • Heavy duty crossmember-type shock mount provides multiple damping rates from a single shock absorber
  • Four shock mounting options enable optimization of performance and travel for each application
  • Angled shock position produces cantilever effect for greater travel, while mechanical advantage improves ride quality with firm valved shocks
  • Heavy duty shock mounting studs eliminate factory bar pin design for improved bushing longevity and reduced noise
  • New mounting location increases selection of compatible shock absorbers and improves access for painless adjustments
  • Utilizes existing shock absorbers if Rear Axle Shock Mount [JKS PN: OGS922] is installed at same time


The rear suspension on Cherokee XJ models is capable of providing incredible axle articulation when properly modified. However, it can be very difficult to find a set of long-travel shock absorbers that are compatible with the vehicle's weight and factory shock mounts. Most long-travel shocks are valved for heavier vehicles, and when installed on the relatively lightweight XJ the ride quality is simply unacceptable. The few long-travel shocks that are valved appropriately for the XJ are rarely offered in the size needed. In other words, you are forced to make a compromise between performance and comfort. Adjustable Shock Mount; Rear upper; Heavy duty crossmember; Four shock mount positions; Attaches directly to factory shock mounts; Heavy gauge steel construction; Powdercoated; Bolt-on; Kit

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Brand: JKS

  • 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ





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