• 3 User-adjustable spring rates for unique setups or added weight
  • Triple military wrap front eyelet and rear half wrap for increased durability and safety
  • Rebound leaf reduces severe axle wrap
  • Tip inserts and leaf separators to reduce friction and improve ride comfort
  • OE style bonded rubber bushings that are maintenance free and do not squeak
  • Bumpstop extensions included for use when no aftermarket bumpstop kit is installed
  • New Ford OE front spring eye bolts included for easy removal and re-installation of springs

Tech Info:

  • These leaf springs are sold indivually. A quantity of 2 are required per vehicle.
  • Hardware kit part # 95220H also required for installation (sold separately).

The ICON Ford Raptor RXT multi-rate leaf pack offers a major performance gain for almost every Raptor setup imaginable. Features like 3 user-configurable rate options, tip inserts, and leaf separators add to ride comfort while a triple military wrapped front and rear half wrapped eyelet increases durability and strength of the leaf spring. A rebound leaf was added to reduce the axle wrap of the Raptor, which addresses another issue that has been found through ICON's extensive testing. To increase the ride quality of the truck and gain additional droop travel when the full ICON RXT rear system is installed, the spring rate was reduced slightly from the OE components. While most Raptor owners will embrace this, there are those who have outfitted their trucks with a significant amount of weight in the form of a chase rack, spare tires and parts, or other additions. Understanding this, the leaf pack was designed with an additional leaf (included with kit) that can be exchanged or added to the pack, yielding an additional 10% or 20% spring rate that will h andle heavier vehicles.

20% Rate over standard Configuration

+1.75" lift over stock

+0.75" lift over stock w/ 600lb constant load

Rate Configuration Info:


+0.75" Lift over stock

Rate Option #1

10% Rate over standard configuration

+1.25" Lift over stock

+0.75" Lift over stock w/ 300lb constant load

Rate Option #2

Brand: ICON Vehicle Dynamics

  • 2010-2014 Ford F-150



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