ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2005-2020 Ford F-350 F-250 Super Duty 7" Lift Front 2.5 Vs Internal Reservoir Shock Pair 67620P | AutoPartsToys
ICON Vehicle Specific (V.S.) 2.5 Series shocks are designed and built to give your vehicle outstanding performance off-road and a smooth ride on the street. These shocks are configured specifically for each application in both length and damping tune. Like all ICON'S Shock Absorbers, V.S. 2.5 Series shocks are 100% rebuildable and 100% revalveable. The larger diameter and oil volume of ICON 2.5 IR Series shocks provide better ride quality and heat dissipation properties than the standard 2.0 Aluminum Series IR Shocks. If you are looking for a more user defined tune, consider looking into the Compression Damping Control Valve (CDC Valve) or the Omega Series bypass shocks.

Brand: ICON Vehicle Dynamics

  • 2005-2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty
  • 2005-2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty



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