Hi-Lift Bumper Lift jack accessory for curved bumpers BL-250 | Auto Parts Toys

  • Designed to fit most steel curved bumpers
  • Lifting capacity of 3000 pounds
  • Quick and easy to use


Equip Your Jack to Lift Curved Bumpers

The The Hi-Lift Bumper Lift is designed to fit most steel curved bumpers, for quick and easy lifting. The Bumper Lift has a 3,000lb (1361 kg) capacity.

When used with the Hi-Lift Jack which is not itself designed to be used on curved bumpers the Bumper Lift makes raising one wheel of most average sized vehicles up to 2" (5 cm) above the ground an easy task.

Never attempt to lift more than one wheel at a time


Brand: Hi-Lift Off-Road Jacks




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