The Super-Spot sprayers don't come with all the bells and whistles - they just do the job.  Plus, they won't raid your wallet and wreck your budget!

Ideal for around the farm, home or hunting lease. Super-Spot sprayers are available in 25 and 40 gallon models. All sprayers are designed to conveniently strap to ATV rear racks or UTV beds without need of hardware or wrenches. Tanks are corrosion-proof polyethylene and come equipped with a 12-volt 60 PSI.

A handwand spray nozzle with 6 feet of hose, splash-proof vented lid, a toggle cut-off switch, large 15" fill well and a drain valve come standard on all models.

The SuperSpot handwand can be set to deliver a fine mist for delicate, controlled applications or adjusted to reach out to 25 ft.

Model #s:
SS25 • 25 Gallon Sprayer Unit 1.8 GPM
SS4060 • 40 Gallon Sprayer Unit 1.8 GPM

Brand: Great Day




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