Many states and Canadian provinces require firearms to be enclosed in a case as they are being transported.  Great Day proudly introduces the CL1501-OCR Overhead Case Rack---the first of its kind.  The CL1501-OCR utilizes the patented Center-Lok “opposing forces” system that provides quick and sturdy installation without any drilling or bolting.

The generous-sized holding cradles for the CL1501-OCR will handle most soft cases designed for regular firearms.  The cradles are moldable to adjust to different size cases and will hold one encased firearm securely in place with Velcro straps.

The CL1501-OCR is designed for FULL-SIZE CREW CAB TRUCKS and FULL-SIZE SUV’s with center doorposts. To insure proper installation, the headliner area between the doorposts should be free of any aftermarket accessories that might cause interference.

Brand: Great Day




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