The First Ever Overhead Bow Rack for Trucks!

Great Day’s Center-Lok Overhead Bow Rack for full-size crew-cab pickup trucks employs our patented “Opposing Forces” installation system---an incredible system of locking the bow rack solidly into place in a matter of a couple of minutes. No drilling, no screws or bolts required!! No alterations to the roof to void the manufacturer’s warranty. The Center-Lok is so unique, tough and functional, it comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty that provides replacement or repair of defective parts or products!!

The Center-Lok Bow Rack fits all Crew Cab pickups and SUV’s with center doorposts. The Center-Lok Bow Rack positions the bow snugly against the headliner of the truck---totally out of sight of passers-by---providing abundant headroom for the driver and passengers. The bow is held securely in cushioned, moldable clips with Velcro straps and adjusts independently to different size bow. The string of the bow is secured with movable supports that keep the bow level at all times.

Brand: Great Day




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