• Heavy Duty 1/4"" Thick, High Arched Crossmember
  • Front Differential Skid Plate
  • Ductile Iron Steering Knuckles
  • Rear Block & U-bolt Kit


Fabtechs Basic systems utilize their proven heavy duty construction and design features found in their 6? systems but with less lift for use with 33? tall tires. These 4? systems feature high arched lower control arm crossmembers constructed of 1/4? thick steel for maximum strength. The Fabtech ductile iron steering knuckles retain the stock track width keeping tires under the fender for a clean appearance. Rear lift is accomplished with a block and u-bolt configuration. The Basic System includes front coilover spacers that utilize the factory Coilover shocks and rear Performance shocks.

Brand: Fabtech

  • 2011-2019  Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • 2011-2019 GMC 1500



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