Disco Skid Plate Fastener Assortment 420 Pc Fits Japanese and VW 8714 | Auto Parts Toys


  • Push and Shield Retainers
  • Bolts, Screws & Clips
  • 420 Total Pcs.
  • Contains 23 Different Items
  • Covers Models for Honda,
  • Nissan, Toyota & V.W.


Chrysler 6501948, Qty 25 GM 1605396, Qty 20 GM 21110201, Qty 20
Black Nylon Black Nylon Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 5/8" Head Diameter: 11/16" Head Diameter 3/4"
Stem Diameter: 1/4" Stem Diameter: 5/16" Stem Diameter 11/32"
Stem Length: 3/4" Stem Length: 13/16" Stem Length 7/8"
    5/16" (7.8mm) Hole Size
    Panel Range: .078" - .490"
GM 1619321, Qty 15 GM 88970767, Qty 20 Acura 91512-SX0-003
Black Nylon Black Nylon Black Nylon
Bottom Head Diameter: 1" Head Diameter: 18mm Head Diameter: 20mm
Stem Diameter: 7/16" Stem Length: 7.5mm Stem Length: 11mm
Stem Length: 13/16" Fits Into 7mm Hole Fits Into 8mm Hole
Toyota 90467-07201, Qty 15 Nissan 01553-09321, Qty 15 Acura 91503-SZ3-003, Qty 15
Black Nylon Black Nylon Black Nylon
Head Diameter: 20mm Head Diameter 20mm Head Diameter: 20mm
Stem Length: 10mm Stem Length 9mm Stem Length: 13mm
Fits Into 7mm Hole Fits 8mm Hole Fits Into 10mm Hole
Nissan 01553-09241, Qty 15 VW 8K0-805-121, Qty 20 Audi 8K0-805-922A, Qty 15
Black Nylon Black Steel Zinc
Push-Type Retainer Head Diameter: 16mm Center Of Hole To Edge: 13mm
Head Diameter: 18mm Stem Diameter: 5mm Panel Range: 2.2mm - 5.5mm
Stem Length: 15mm Stem Length: 19mm Width: 19.3mm
Fits Into 10mm Hole   Length: 23.5mm
VW 4A805121A, Qty 15 VW 4A0-805-121-1, Qty 15 VW 8D0-805-121B, Qty 20
Black Nylon Black Nylon Black Steel
Head Diameter: 25mm Head Diameter: 25mm Head Diameter: 18mm
Stem Length: 22mm Stem Length: 24mm Stem Diameter: 7mm
Stem Diameter: 6mm   Stem Length: 20mm
VW 8D0-805-960, Qty 15 Nissan 08146-6162H, Qty 20 Toytoa 90080-11547, Qty 10
Zinc Black Zinc Phosphate Silver Dacromet
6mm Stud Size Class 8.8 Class 5
12.20mm Center of Hole to Edge M6-1.0 X 20mm M8-1.25 X 20mm
  18mm Washer O.D. 22mm Washer O.D.
  10mm Hex 12mm Hex
Toyota 90119-08763, Qty 10 VW N90892001, Qty 20 VW N10327101, Qty 20
Black Zinc Phosphate Black Zinc Zinc
Class 8.8 M5-2.12 x 19mm 5-1.12 Screw Size
M8-1.25 X 30mm Head Diameter: 14mm Stem Length: 8mm
22mm Washer O.D. T25 Drive  
12mm Hex    
VW N90-796-502, Qty 20 Disco Automotive 1655, Qty 35  
Dacromet Plated    
Stud Size: 5mm    
O.D.: 30mm    

Brand: Disco Automotive Hardware

  • ​Fits Nissan, Toyota & V.W.



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