• Yellow Pro
  • Bolt-on fitment for the 2017+ Ford Raptor.
  • Allows you to mount six SS3 LED Pods in the factory bumper openings.
  • Includes two SAE Fog, two Flood, and two Spot pods.
  • Highly durable powdercoated aluminum construction.
  • Utilizes existing mounting points and hardware for a simple installation.
  • Engineered and assembled in USA.


Overview. application-specific brackets that were CAD-designed to install using factory mounting points. No cutting or drilling required!
Lighting for Every Situation. This kit includes six total SS3 LED Pods: two SAE Fog, two Flood, and two Spot. This combination gives you different options whether you are on or off road.
SAE Fog provides an extremely wide field of view, with high-intensity output over an entire 80-degree spread. It will fully illuminate the area in front of your truck.

Flood pattern was designed to provide uniform, even illumination with a full 60x60 degree spread of light. Unlike generic flood lights that are simply a heavily diffused spotlight, our flood pattern uses pillow optics on the outer lens surface, to provide a true optically designed spread, for even illumination throughout.

Spot is an unmodified pattern, shining light directly from the TIR optic. The result is a highly focused 6-degree beam of light, perfect for directing light far into the distance. With an incredible output of 151,000 candela, the SS3 Sport shines a half-mile away (? lux), from a compact 3-inch package.
Separate Switches. With the included Dual-Output Heavy-Duty Wiring Harnesses and DT Splitters, this kit can be wired up many different ways. We recommend connecting the

SAE Fog Pods to a separate switch for when you are driving on the road and would like more visiblity directly in front of your vehicle. And then connect the Flood and Spot LED Pods to the other switch for when you are driving off-road and looking for maximum visibility.
White or Yellow.

This kit is available in a cool white or selective yellow color.The white is a 6000K color temperature, which is a true cool white output, and matches most factory LED lighting.

The selective yellow is a 3000K color temperature, great for high contrast in poor weather or a distinctive look on the road.
Sport or Pro.

This kit is also available at two different power levels. Both options use high-intensity LED emitters, and TIR optics for unmatched focus and overall output. However, the Pro option is double the amount of total power.
Proven Reliability. Stage Series LED lighting has been extensively tested for long-term operation from -40 to 185 degrees F, along with vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion testing.

All of these tests are completed to SAE standards, just like factory components. They've also been put to the test on-road by racers and enthusiasts alike.
Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is one of the most trusted names in automotive LED lighting.

We directly assemble and engineer our own products in the United States, allowing for higher quality and performance, with the newest and brightest LED technology. No matter what you're driving, we pride ourselves in offering only the best possible LED solutions. 

Brand: Diode Dynamics

  •  2017-2021 Ford F150 Raptor



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