• The SportBar is constructed of a sturdy 1 round steel tube, with a 1/8 wall thickness. Polyurethane is then molded around the tube and hand-wrapped in vinyl, grained to match your car's interior trim. 
  • The factory top effortlessly fits over the bar and the Classic SportBar does not interfere with any original factory functions. 
  • Recliner function retains full range of motion. 
  • Interior top clearance is 3/4". 
  • The bar is supplied with brackets that are mounted to the B pillars which receive the SportBar, creating a sturdy mount while stiffening the body. Within a couple hours your Camaro will be ready for top-down weather! 
  • Fits all 2011-2014 Camaro Convertibles. 
  • Now available in Black, Inferno Orange, Rocket Red, and Carbon Fiber. 
  • Weight is 18lbs


The 2010 re-design of the Chevrolet Camaro turned heads right out of the factory. Releasing a convertible version of this iconic muscle car was simply inevitable. Also inevitable; our interest in American-Made Muscle Cars of the convertible persuasion. Now you can enjoy your convertible Camaro with additional style and sporty appeal. The SportBar for the 2011-14 Camaro convertible is specifically designed to enhance the visual appearance of your convertible while maintaining a professional, factory look. As with most convertible cars, the 2011 Camaro lacks definition where the coupe's sloping roofline has been removed. This product brings back that aggressive side profile and gets rid of the flat line that typically defines a convertible from the windshield back. The SportBar also allows functionality of the factory wind stop offered as an option for 2011-12 convertible Camaros. Instead of letting the thin, undefined wind stop rest on top of the rear seats by itself, the SportBar nicely frames this piece and is designed to maintain that aggressiveness while allowing the wind stop to continue decreasing wind noise and help retain your desired temperature set via climate control! **This product is not intended for roll-over protection**

Brand: Classic Design Concept Mustang Parts

  • 2010-2016 Chevrolet Camaro



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