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  • Classic Design Concepts ALL NEW Decklid Trim Panel is designed and engineered to the same OE quality standards as is predecessor. 
  • Made of OE Quality Grained RIM Material and fastened with 3M acrylic bonding tape. 
  • Clean, classic and easy to install, you'll find this Decklid Trim Panel among the most cost effective and impressive modifications you'll ever make! 
  • Trim Panels are painted in matte black


The Mustang Deck Lid Trim Panel is a simple and quick modification that makes a big difference. The rectangular space between the taillights of the '10-'14 models lies indented just about an inch. This trim panel fills that gap completely so the deck lid and taillights all work together nicely for a much cleaner look. Regardless of your Mustang's color, the addition of the Deck Lid Trim Panel is sure to get your vehicle much more attention.

Brand: Classic Design Concept Mustang Parts

  • 2010-2014 Ford Mustang



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