CDC 1999-2004 Ford Mustang Hood Struts Black 0411-7012-05 | AutoPartsToys


  • The gas charged Struts and laser cut stainless steel brackets mount at factory bolt locations. NO DRILLING REQUIRED!! 
  • Simple, functional, clean fit with an custom look. 
  • Due to build variations there may be issues when installing the CDC Hood Strut Kit onto Aftermarket Hoods. 
  • Please take these factors into consideration when ordering CDCs Hood Strut Kit: 
  • Some light weight aftermarket hoods may bow just forward of the Hood Strut Bracket, causing a gap between the closed hood and fender.
  • Some heavy aftermarket hoods may weigh too much for the Struts to support in the open position.


Whether you plan on working on your Mustang's engine or simply want to show if off, these Hood Struts are the simplest, cleanest, and most convenient way to keep your hood open. This component eliminates the need for the factory hood prop system which cleans up the look of your Mustang significantly.

Brand: Classic Design Concept Mustang Parts

  • 1999-2004 Ford Mustang  



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