• Protects your cars' cowl, can now protect your car from leaves and falling debris.
  • Protects your air-conditioning casings and evaporators.
  • Extends the life of your vehicles windshield wipers.
  • Keeps your car cool with a windshield cover.
  • UV ray protection for your dashboard.
  • The Auto Gutter is lightweight and portable.

Large Auto Gutter fits:

  • Full sized trucks
  • Full sized SUV
  • Regular and full sized vans
Finally you can now protect your car from leaves and falling debris.  It’s the best car accessory to protect your vehicle! 

The Auto Gutter,  provides protection for automobiles in multiple ways.  It covers the gap between the hood and windshield (cowl).  This is where leaves, twigs , pine needles and debris settle when parked near trees.  Leaves and debris retain moisture which contributes to rust and mold.  Leaves and debris get inside air-conditioning casings and clog up air-conditioning evaporators. The Auto Gutter adds life to windshield wiper blades and cabin air filters, which filters the air that comes into the cabin from outside. It keeps leaves and debris from clogging drain tubes that drains rain water from the cowl.  The Auto Gutter has a blackout windshield cover that will keep your car cool while providing protection for the dashboard and steering wheel.  The Auto Gutter is a compact and portable means of protecting your vehicle from trees and the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Brand: Auto Gutter
UPC: 755838805173




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