• Designed to protect the truck bed from water, snow and dust
  • Made from heavy duty material for long lasting durability
  • Features handy tension adjuster that fine-tunes the cover tension with the turn of a dial
  • Guarantees easy installation and no drilling required
  • Cover Rolls Open In Seconds
  • Enhances The Look Of Your Truck
  • Fully Operational In Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Includes Auto Latch II Locking System

ACCESS Limited Premium Tonneau Cover for those who demand the best in style, excellence and luxury
The ACCESS Limited Edition Roll-Up Cover is a premium tonneau cover for truck owners who insist on the very best in style, quality and luxury. ACCESS Limited combines all of the components of the original ACCESS Tonneau Cover and adds a few luxury features you cant find on any other truck bed covers. The ACCESS Limited roll-up tonneau cover comes with several exclusive pickup bed accessories with a $105 value, confirming this ACCESS Cover to be the best tonneau cover choice.
ACCESS Limited provides superior performance
     The ACCESS Limited Premium Tonneau Cover rolls open in seconds and stores neatly behind the cab, allowing full use of your pickup bed with no need to remove. This roll-up cover has an increased capacity design, sitting 1- 1/2 inches above the truck bed to provide extra room for cargo. The ACCESS Roll-Up Cover is fully sealed on all four sides, forming a tight barrier between the truck bed and cover. Cargo is safe and secure with the patented AUTOLATCH II, a locking system that releases both locks with one smooth action.
ACCESS Limited Edition - Premium Tonneau Cover
     ACCESS Limited Edition Tonneau Cover features the patented AUTOLATCH II Dual Locking System, the ELEMENT SEAL Gasket and the XT-DIAL tension adjusters, and includes our 5 Year Limited Warranty. ACCESS Roll-Up Covers are known for reliability, and setting them apart from other tonneau covers is the simple installation, easy operation and quality workmanship. If you are looking for the best tonneau covers on the market, look no further, the ACCESS Limited Cover is the premium roll up cover.

Brand: Access Tonneau Cover

  • 2017-2024 Nissan Titan XD 8' Box (w/ or w/o utili-track)
  • 2017-2024 Nissan Titan 8' Box (w/ or w/o utili-track)



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