Rostra Accessories 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Cruise Control System Vehicle Speed Limiter 2509650-NS | AutoPartsToys


  • Cruise Control Module
  • Switch Harness
  • edal Interface Harness
  • Hardware Kit
  • Control Switch
  • Diagnostics Harness

Personal & Vehicle Protection:

  • Safety Glasses

Special Tools:

  • Volt-ohm Meter
  • Installation Tools
  • Trim Removal Tool  Phillips Screwdriver
  • 10-mm Wrench
  • Drill Bits  9.5mm Or 3/8” (For Switch)
  • 14mm Wrench
  • Soldering Tool
  • Special Chemicals

General Applicability:

  • This Cruise Was Tested And Verified On: All Models


  • Always Disconnect The Negative Cable From Battery Before Installation.
  • Always Use The Enclosed Installation Instruction For Installing The Electronic Cruise Control.
  • Check The Part Number Of The Cruise Module Label Is The Same Compared To The Part Number Of The
  • Installation Instructions.
  • Be Aware Of Radio Codes That Might Have To Be Typed In.
  • Find A Location To Install The Cruise Module And Control Switch
  • If Any Wires Are Left, Then Cut Off And Insulate.
  • Only Use A Multimeter To Measure Voltage.
  • Always Drive The Car For A Complete Test Before Assembling The Car.
  • All Wire Leads Must Be Soldered


  • Do Not Use Hand-held 2-way Transceivers Inside Your Vehicle While Driving.
  • When Transmitting From Inside The Car, 2-way Radios That Operate In The 25mhz700mhz Frequency Range With More Than 2.0 Watts Of Power Can Produce Electromagnetic Interference That Could Interfere With The Operation Of Cruise
  • And Throttle Controls Resulting In Vehicle "Limp Mode".
  • Use Of Cellular Phones Will Not Interfere With These Controls.
  • Due To Sensitive Nature Of Signals Used For This Product, All Non-plug And
  • Play Connections Must Be Soldered. Failure To Comply With This Requirement
  • Will Void Warranty.

Before Installation:

  • To Make The Installation Easier, The Complete Installation Instructions Should Be Read Through
  • Before Installation Is Started.
  • This Installation Instructions Contains Information How To Install The Electronic Cruise Control
  • Which Is Not A Do-it-yourself Job.
  • Modern Cars Are Equipped With Electronics, Which Can Be Costly Damaged By Inappropriate Treatment.
  • Rostra Precision Controls Can Not Be Held Responsible For Any Error Caused By Wrong Installation

Brand: Rostra Accessories

  • 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter



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