Race Sport 2200-4000 LUX 9007 TRIO-GOLD Series 3K lo beam 5K hi beam Switchback LED conversion Micro Fitment Kit 9007AWK | Auto Parts Toys

Quick specs include:

  • 9007 Bulb
  • 2,200-4,000 LUX (8,000 Lumens per set)
  • 56-Watts
  • Switchback Quick Pulse Technology
  • 3 Kelvin options on Single Beam and 2 Kelvin Options on Dual Beam
  • Micro-fitment design for versatile installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3K Fog cutting technology

Other Features:

  • Color temperature: 3000k, 5000k, 6000k
  • Input: 9-32V
  • IP67 CSP Chips
  • Improved heat control with LED driver and built-in turbo high speed silent cooling fan.
  • Usage average: over 30,000 hours
  • Operating temperature; -40c to +80c
  • Material: Mix of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum for better cooling and plastic.
  • plug and play on most vehicles
  • Instant start LEd technology
  • Low Voltage Protection and High-Precision Constant Current Driver Chip
  • Built-in IC Circuit (Current Regulator) prevents LED Damage from Voltage Variations and Spikes

These amazing new TRIO-GOLD series LED headlights are revolutionary to the marketplace and have the unique ability to switch from 3K to 5K to 6K in the click of a switch. Using your OEM switches and handle levers, you can trigger a switch of Kelvin colors desired for the best performance of sight.

Imagine driving down a dark clear road at night and you use the 5K pure white for the best light output to see down the road or trail. Then you come to a low valley and it is extremely foggy and hard to see, you can power on/off and instantly you have 3K gold lighting to cut through the fog and give you optimal visibility.

Brand: Race Sport Lighthing




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