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Are you looking for a reliable and high-powered automotive lighting solution that empowers you to stay safe while driving in low-light conditions? Oracle Lighting has become increasingly respected by vehicle owners who want to maximize their visibility during night-time and early morning drives.

Owned by Tiffanie Hartenstein and her husband Justin, Oracle produces many of the best automotive lights on the market today. Upgrading your favorite vehicle with these lighting products not only adds a cool look to your ride, but also enables you to adventure for longer.

Fortunately, at, we offer an expansive selection of high-powered automotive lighting products from Oracle Lighting. Find the best solution for your vehicle lighting upgrades, then read below to learn more about the brand.

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High-Powered Automotive Lighting Solutions from Oracle

Automotive lighting solutions from Oracle Lighting are designed to deliver superior illumination with fewer power draw requirements, compared to their competitors. This makes them ideal for vehicle owners who want to maximize visibility during low-light drives without sacrificing battery life.

Moreover, they produce some of the most visually stunning automotive lighting solutions available on the market. In addition to offering superior illumination that’s awesome, their products are also designed to last.

Their lights are tested extensively during production and are backed by a limited 2 year warranty in case of any defect or malfunction. This makes them an incredibly reliable choice for vehicle owners looking for long-lasting performance from their automotive lighting solutions.

Oracle LED Headlight Bulbs

In comparison to traditional halogen bulbs, Oracle LED headlight bulbs have up to 12,000 lumens of output and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This makes them some of the most powerful automotive lighting upgrades available today.

Their wide-beam pattern features sharp cut-off lines to provide you with brighter illumination even over long distances or difficult terrain. Other features include a cool white light that’s close to daylight and an easy plug-and-play installation process.

Oracle Lighting for Jeeps

Oracle Lighting provides some of the brightest, most energy efficient lighting solutions for Jeep vehicles. Their product lineup includes LED headlights, LED wheel rings, fog lights, fiber optic kits, off-road lights, vector grills, and more.

For instance, these Oracle Fog Lights are expertly engineered to provide superior performance for an expanded lifespan. The vibrant colors enable you to add personality to your adventures.

And this Oracle HALO Kit provides everything you need to stay off road for longer. It includes:

  • Eight (8) Waterproof Surface Mount Halos
    • Four (4) for your Low-Beam LED Emitters
    • Two (2) for your Driving-Beam LED Emitters
    • Two (2) for your High-Beam LED Emitters
  • Eight (8) Quick-Connect Wiring Adapters
  • Eight (8) Wide-Voltage External LED Drivers

Find Powerful Oracle Automotive Lighting at

Whether you’re looking for increased visibility or simply want to customize your vehicle’s look, check out Oracle Lighting. With a wide variety of high-powered options, Oracle Lighting is sure to have the perfect automotive light solution for you.

To find the most powerful Oracle Lighting solutions for your vehicle, reach out to today!



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