NACHO TM5 Lights 90W High Power Performance Beam Combo White Pair TM512 | AutoPartsToys


  • Sold In Pairs
  • 90W High Power Performance Beam 
  • Low Combo Beam
  • 78W 140° Area light

Kit Includes:

  • 2 TM5 Lights
  • 2 light plugs with flying leads (full harness not included)
  • 2 Universal Mounting Brackets
  • 1 Hardware kit for mounting. (we put a very universal nut and bolt combination in the kit. Depending on the mounting location hardware may need to be changed out depending on space and mounting tab size.)


2 Serving Per Containter

  • Serving Size 1 Light
  • Product TM5 Combo White
  • Candela 192.000
  • Effective Lumens 8,150
  • Raw Lumens 10,200
  • Watts 90
  • Amp Draw 14vdc 6.4a
  • Input Voltage 10-18VDC
  • Product Size 5.75"

The TM5 is the definition of VERSATILITY. This light is the solution to your driving (offroad) lifestyle. The all inclusive light is all you will need for the ever changing offroader.  From setting up camp, or slow speed rugged terrain driving, the area light will produce 180 degrees of purposefull lighting bringing comfort to your eyes and eliminates unnecessary light down range.  As you boogie out of camp or out of the slow rocky stuff, you can flip the switch into the TM5's low beam mode.  The low beam is a combination of a traditional drive and spot beam. The low beam takes over where your factory high beams stop. When your looking for more but do not want to blind the next state over, this is the ideal setting. The 3rd and final output option is for those "Go Getters". 90 Watts and spots. What else is there? Bugs splatter on windows at these speeds. Sharing the same optics as the low beam you will still get the light spread needed, you will just have more horsepower behind those LEDs. So both hands on the wheel and look ahead. NOTE: This light requires NO tools to switch between optics or changing lenses in the field that may cause a leak path or frustration.

Brand: NACHO




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