JKS Suspension

Suspension parts, lift kits, and leveling kits from JKS Manufacturing boost the durability and performance of your favorite Jeep. For over 3 decades, JKS has produced superior suspension products for different applications in a wide range of Jeep models.

From sway bar quick disconnects and JSPEC shocks to control arms, , all JKS Manufacturing products are proudly made in the United States. This guarantees uncompromised performance and reliability for your Jeep.

At AutoPartsToys, we offer a diverse selection of lift, leveling, and suspension components from JKS Manufacturing. Find the best upgrade for your favorite Jeep below.

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JKS Manufacturing Jeep Lift, Leveling & Suspension Kits

JKS Manufacturing is an American company producing suspension systems, lift kits and leveling kits for Jeep vehicles. Founded in 1989, the company quickly became known for its reliable products that are loved by offroading enthusiasts, in particular, those who prefer Jeeps for their adventures.

Jeep Lift Kits and Leveling Kits from JKS Manufacturing

The company has a wide range of Jeep lift kits designed to improve the overall height and ground clearance of your vehicle. JKS lift kits offer JSPEC shocks, Fox shocks or Bilstein shocks and coil-overs that improve handling and offer optimal performance. Are you looking to level out or raise your vehicle? A JKS leveling kit allows you to maintain factory ride quality with enhanced performance.. With this product line, you can increase front end clearance between 1-4 inches depending on which one is best suited for your particular model of Jeep.

JKS Jeep Suspension Parts

JKS Jeeps suspension parts are engineered to reduce body roll and enhance your vehicle’s agility when cornering or braking. These parts include the front and rear dual-rate coil springs, front adjustable trackbar, front sway bar, quicker disconnects and more.

The Most Popular Jeep Parts from JKS — Right Here at AutoPartsToys

When customizing your favorite Jeep with suspension parts,, JKS Manufacturing must be a top consideration. After 34 years, it’s still one of the most popular brands on the market because it continues to deliver superior products..

In particular, offroading enthusiasts appreciate that its high-quality parts are backed by extensive research and development. This U.S.-based design and manufacturing process results in superior performance over other leading suspension brands.

Whether you want to boost your Jeep’s durability, driveability, performance or all three, JKS is recommended with confidence as a top rated brand.. As an authorized dealer, AutoPartsToys offers JKS products for the most popular Jeep models, including:

Buy JKS Manufacturing Products for Your Jeep at AutoPartsToys

Jeeps represent the very best in off-roading experiences, making Jeep the number one vehicle choice among off-road motorists.

JKS Manufacturing understands this better than most. They specialize in Jeep suspension and lift components to ensure that you stay on the road — or off of it — for much longer.

To find the best upgrades from JKS Manufacturing for your favorite Jeep toy, contact AutoPartsToys today.



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