• 4"" Lift For Maximum Ground Clearance
  • Long Spindle Arms For Wide Wheel & Tire Combos
  • Extra Braking Power With Included Brake Flange
  • No Thru Axle = No Hang Ups
  • Smooth Quiet Ride Empty & Loaded
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation


The 2000HD series Axle-Less trailer suspensions are ideal for off-road use. Hangers made from heavy-gauge steel support the increased demands of a trailer used on off-road terrain. A softer rubber spring allows for more suspension travel without compromising strength of capacity. This premium HD Axle-less trailer suspension – designed for off-road use – comes with a 4” lift spindle. Now your trailer can maintain the same ground clearance as the tow vehicle. The spindle is longer to accommodate wider, off-road tires...for trailers that won’t see much of the pavement. For added braking power, a brake flange is included giving you the option to install brakes.The genius of the Axle-Less trailer suspension has more to do with what is not there than what is: Less hassle! Experience fewer limitations by gaining more ground clearance. Less time! You can retrofit any light-duty trailer without waiting for an axle that fits. Less road shock! You will maintain the smoothest ride with or without a load. Less danger! An independent suspension gives you better control of your trailer. The Axle-Less suspension give you more: More fun, more adventure and more peace of mind.





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