• Being able to take charges of camera and display / receiver from any vehicle 12 volt socket (charge cable included) and will run continuously for up to 10 hours. 
  • Totally portable, battery powered camera system can transmits between the Camera and Display. 
  • All of the current SH01 accessories with extra carrying case, suction cup mount.
  • SH02 camera rechargeable battery run time is up to 10 hours.
  • No installation
  •  Hi-resolution color display
  • The fully automatic night vision camera allows the user to hitch up in total darkness.


  • This camera system has many other great uses too! It works great as a backup camera on RVs, fifth wheel campers and enclosed cargo trailers.
  • RV'ers can use it to help when adjusting the satellite reception for the TV.
  • Construction workers, plumbers and electricians can use the small infrared camera to view into tight dark spaces.
  • When backing your boat into the water, the camera can be placed at the end of your boat so you know when you can launch it.
  • Mount the camera on the hood of your truck to make hooking up your snow plow a breeze. 
  • The small, lightweight, wireless camera with lights can be mounted on a pole or stick to give you endless viewing possibilities even in the dark.


SH02 is the enhanced SH01 in Swift Hitch products family. It is also a portable wireless color camera system and can  assist anyone who has ever struggled with hitching any style trailer or snowplow. It has all the features SH01 has but get longer working hours - 10 HOURS and waterproof capability. It is a great and convenient tool for trailer owner, truck owner or any type of vehicle owner, as long as they need a quick and easy way to have a “Third Eye” solution. Product has following key features.

Brand: Raptor Series



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