Select Increments 1997-2002 Jeep TJ Wrangler Dash Pods With Kicker DPW –


  • 2 Speaker Enclosures
  • 2 5.25" Kicker Speakers
  • Installation Wiring & Hardware Poly Fill


  • Size: 5 1/4"
  • Location: Dash

Note: 1997-2000 TJ Wranglers must remove two 5” sections of bracket (one on the driver side and one on the passenger side) with a pair of tin snips to install the Dash-Pods


Speakers sound best when theyre in enclosures. The result is richer mid-range and stronger, deeper bass. These Dash-Pods hold 5.25 speakers and utilize the available space in all 97-06 TJ Wranglers and 04-06 Wrangler Unlimited. If you have the 7-speaker Infinity system that was offered beginning in 2002, you can improve on the 4 dash components and replace them with Dash-Pods holding larger 5.25speakers. All Dash-Pods include direct-connect plugs that fit your Jeeps factory wiring; you will receive the correct pair of plugs for your model year TJ when you order from one of our Dealers. (Both styles of plugs for 97-02 and 03-06 models are shown in some of our photos for illustration purposes). No cutting or splicing wires, no soldering, just plugem in and youre done! Pre-cut speaker holes are standard for every pair of Dash-Pods. We offer the pods empty so you can add your own favorite speakers, and we also offer them loaded with Kicker 5.25 speakers featuring poly cones, ribbed surrounds and rated at 75 Watts RMS. Poly-fill, install-specific speaker mounting screws, and detailed instructions are included. Installation is a breeze and, in many cases, takes only a few minutes with a screwdriver.

Brand:Select Increments





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