Select Increments 1976-1995 Jeep CJ7 CJ8 YJ Wrangler Intra Pod Console –

Select Increments 1976-1995 Jeep CJ7 CJ8 YJ Wrangler will NOT FIT CJ5 Intra Pod With Kicker 21576K


  • Pre-cut housing that will accept most 8” subwoofers
  • Heavy-duty metal mesh 8” speaker grille, compatible with most 8”subwoofers
  • Concealed amplifier cavity, vented for cooling
  • Two large, integrated cup holders
  • Locking storage compartment with durable continuous hinge
  • Tamper-resistant specialty fasteners and special drill bit for theft protection
  • Pockets up front for phones, coins and more!


  • Intra-Pod and mounting hardware
  • Kicker mono amplifier rated at 150 watts RMS @ 4 ohm.
  • 8” metal-mesh sub cover
  • Kicker 8” subwoofer (4ohm, single voice coil)
  • Kicker remote bass level controller.
  • 8-gauge amplifier installation kit
    Chances are the audio system in your Jeep can use a wider spectrum of sound, but the addition of various audio components often results in the loss of precious cargo space. Enter the Intra-Pod, a sturdy, textured plastic center console designed for 76-95 CJ7, 8 & Wrangler models The Intra-Pods sealed air chamber design allows for high-quality audio response and tight bass. The concealed amplifier cavity is recessed in the base of the unit, hiding it from view, but is also vented to keep an amplifier running cool. And no more of those balancing-acts with flat-bottomed consoles- the unit is molded for a factory-style fit in all 76-95 CJ7, 8 & Wrangler models. The Intra-Pod is superbly constructed, made of thick heavy-duty plastic, and able to stand up to loads of abuse. Various methods of integration with your existing audio system are included in the installation instructions. Amplifier cavity measures 8W x 11L x 3+D with a grommet hole leading to the speaker chamber for wiring. The sealed inner chamber volume is approximately .53 cubic feet. Maximum speaker mounting depth is around 8 with a maximum magnet diameter of about 5 3/8.

    Brand: Select Increments

  • 1976-1995 Jeep CJ7 CJ8 YJ Wrangler
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