Select Increments 1955-2006 Jeep CJ YJ TJ Wrangler Mod Pods Enclosures –

Note: Speakers not included


  • Two Mod-Pod Speaker Enclosures
  • Poly-fill
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation InstructionsSpeakers sold separately.


Located just beneath the doors, the Mod-Pods throw unobstructed sound toward the driver and passenger. They sound great with the doors on and help hide road noise when the doors are off. They make use of otherwise wasted space and are designed to fit snugly against the sidewalls. Mod Pods will fit Wrangler TJ, Wrangler Unlimited, YJ, CJ7 and CJ5. Constructed of thick plastic and boasting a textured finish, Mod Pods can withstand years of abuse. Mod-Pods have pre-cut holes to accept 5.25" speakers; the pods are available empty so you can add your own favorite speakers, and are also offered with Kicker 5.25" car audio speakers included. Mod Pods have hidden wire-lead holes so the speaker wires easily conceal beneath the carpet as they are run up to the radio. Directions, poly-fill and mounting hardware included. In Jeep Wrangler TJs and Unlimited (1997-2006) each Mod-Pod is secured with two self-drill hex-head screws. Each pod has small, pre-drilled holes for precise and correct attachment in these models, utilizing the hollow area in the side-body of the Jeep just in front of the doors, down low by the floor. In CJs & YJ's (1955-1995) the best (and easiest) way to install Mod Pods is to apply Lock-Tite Power Grab construction adhesive caulk to the back of the pods and set them to the sidewall of the vehicle, letting the bond set & dry overnight. It is available at your local hardware store, costs just a few dollars for a tube, is exceptional in its bonding abilities, and will hold the pods in place firmly. (All installation methods are covered in the Install Instructions). CJ & YJ owners have a foot activated parking brake that will not interfere with your driver side pod. A note about use of larger speakers: If you wish to use 6.5" speakers, you wouldnt be the first.Many times theyll fit. You can buy the empty pods and take them with you when choosing a pair of 6.5" speakers to make sure they'll fit & look good. You'll probably have to make the pre-cut speaker holes a little larger with a rotary cutout tool or a jig saw. And check to make sure the depth of the speakers (magnets) won't hit the backs of the pods. Lastly, check to see if the grilles that come with the speakers will fit nicely enough on the pod faces. All of these potential fitment issues are why we dont normally use 6.5 speakers in the Mod Pods, but there are always some 6.5 speakers in the ever-changing world of audio brands and models that will fit.
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  • Brand: Select Increments
  • 1955-2006 Jeep CJ YJ TJ Wrangler



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