Rhino Rack Tie Down Straps with Buckle Protector Strap length: 14.8ft Red RTD45P | AutoPartsToys


  • Includes a design registered Buckle Protector.
  • Buckle protector is made from injection moulded TPV rubber which helps avoid creating dents/scratches/marks on your vehicle or load.
  • Load capacity of 225kg
  • Strap length: 14.8ft

The RTD45P Tie Down Straps are suitable for heavy duty use and feature a unique design registered unique Buckle Protector. Designed to encase the metal cam buckle, the Buckle Protector is made from injection moulded, TPV rubber and provides maximum protection to avoid denting, scratching or marking any of your gear or vehicle. This item also includes a sewn in Velcro "Roll it" Strap to keep the strap neatly stowed on its own.


Brand: Rhino Rack Roof Racks




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