Rhino Rack T Load Kayak Sling Kit RTLK | Auto Parts Toys


  • Single person use
  • Universal Fit
  • Quick Release Strap
  • Suits Rhino-Rack Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars
  • Easily fit most roof racks
  • easy-to-use kayak saddles
  • includes reversible side supports
  • with sloped sides designed
  • With T-Load Sling Strap System
  • With quick release heavy duty straps
  • sold in pairs

Description: The T-Load Kayak Sling Kit is the must have accessory to compliment your RTL003 or RTL004 T-Load Upright Kit. It is simple to use and a single person will be able to load a kayak or other large load onto the roof of their vehicle.

The new Rhino-Rack T-Load Kayak Sling Kit is the perfect solution for loading a kayak or other load onto your roof crossbars. It is so easy to use, that even a single person can do it! The RTLK can be fitted either way to best suit the kayak or load. One side is vertical (load stop side) and the other is sloped to best suit the profile of a kayak.

Brand: Rhino Rack Roof Racks




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