Rhino Rack Roof Large Cargo Basket RMCB02 | Auto Parts Toys
  • Steel 2 piece construction
  • Heavy Black powder-coated finish
  • Fits all Aero bars (max bar size 3.54 inches wide x 1.30 inches height)
  • Fits Euro bars
  • Front wind deflector
  • Carrying capacity 165 lbs
  • Length 57 inches
  • Width 42.9 inches
  • Height 5.9 inches
Important: Please take note of the change in overall vehicle height, as the addition of the XTray Large may prevent access to low entrances.
Minimum crossbar spacing 25.59 inches and maximum crossbar spacing 43.31 inches.
The XTray Large is well suited for your excess load. This 2 piece, steel tray, features a black powder coated finish for maximum corrosion protection. Complete with a universal attachment system to fit Rhino Aero and Euro bars, along with most other crossbar brands, the XTray is the perfect accessory to help you get away for a weekend or holiday. Be sure to tie down your load once it is safely on the crossbars using our non-stretch load rated fastening straps.

Brand: Rhino Rack Roof Racks




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