Rhino Rack Luggage Net Large 47.2" X 31.5" RLN1 | Auto Parts Toys
Description:To be used in conjunction with Rhino tie-down straps and a Rhino Steel Mesh Basket while transporting goods. The Luggage nets offer easy fitting with one piece, hooking units. It is made from ultra-light material and measures 800mm x 1200mm. Fits either a Large or Extra Large Rhino Steel Mesh Basket. The luggage net offers easy fitting with one piece hooking units for you to easily load and unload your gear.


  • Measures 47.2" x 31.5"
  • Made from ultra-light material
The Luggage Net is an accessory designed to be used with Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Baskets and Tie-Down Straps. Simply latch the hooks over your cargo and rest assured it will be there when your driving is done for the day. This ultra simple product is designed to work as an additional securing measure for when you have numerous small pieces of gear. The Luggage Net is made from ultra-strong and ultra-light materials that will compact and tightly secure your load.

Brand: Rhino Rack Roof Racks




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