Rhino Rack Leg Height Spacers Suits Heavy Duty Bars 2 Pair 3/4" LHS2PAIR | Auto Parts Toys
  • Includes 4 x 10mm Spacer Blocks and 2 x M10 x 45mm bolts
  • Designed to raise 1x Heavy Duty bar 20mm
  • Compatible with Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty cross bars
Spacers Blocks are used to level a Roof Rack system on a car roof that isn't level. Spacers are placed between the leg unit and the cross bar to raise the cross bar height. Each Spacer is 10mm in height. The LHS2PAIR includes 4x 10mm Spacer Blocks and 2x M10x45mm bolts. The LHS2PAIR is designed to raise 1x Heavy Duty bar 20mm. The LHS2PAIR Spacer Blocks are only compatible with Heavy Duty cross bars.

Brand: Rhino Rack Roof Racks




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